Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy Research

Invited Talks and Refereed Conference Presentations

  • ​Joshi, A. M., "How the Patentability of Algorithms Affects Product Replication and Imitation by Firms," Strategic Management Society (SMS) Conference, Miami, FL, 2011 (Nominated for the 2011 SMS Conference Best Ph.D. Student Paper Award)
  • Joshi, A. M., "How Surprising is Your Strategy? A Bayesian Learning Model for Quantifying the Element of Surprise in Innovation," Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference (ACAC), Atlanta, GA, 2010.
  • Joshi, A. M., "How Do Changes in Strategy Space Size Impact Firm Performance in Markets for Technology?," Strategic Management Society (SMS) Conference, Rome, ITALY, 2010.
  • ​Joshi, A. M., "Mixed Signals: How the Recombination and Rediscovery of Mathematical, Material, and Architectural Innovations Shaped the Signal Processing Industry, 1948-2008," Annual Meeting of the Business History Conference, Athens, GA, 2010 (Nominated for the 2010 K. Austin Kerr Prize for Best Ph.D. Student Paper).

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