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Guerra, L. M., Berner, M., Stone, K., Joshi, A., & Tran, S. (2006), System, method and computer program product for looking up business addresses and directions based on a voice dial-up session, U.S. Patent 7024364 B2, Assigned to BeVocal, Inc.

A system, method and computer program product for determining an address of an entity based on a user location are disclosed. An utterance representative of an entity is initially received from a user. The entity associated with the utterance is then recognized using a speech recognition process. Next, a location of the user is determined. A query is performed to identify a plurality of locations associated with the entity. Based on the results of the query and the location of the user, it is ascertained which of the identified locations associated with the entity are in proximity to the location of the user.

Berner, C. M., Guerra, L. M., Joshi, A. M., Stone, K. M., & Tran, S. T. (2002), Vocal interface system and methodEuropean Patent EP1224797 A1, Assigned to BeVocal, Inc.

​ABSTRACT: A VUI Speech Object Application comprised of program module speech objects that interface with the APIs of service-databases to retrieve a caller's desired information.

Invention Disclosures

  • Principal Inventor, "An Error-Proportional System Identification-Based Active Noise Control Method," Assigned to Panasonic Corp. (Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd., Osaka, JAPAN), October 26, 1994.
  • ​Sole Inventor, "An Active Noise Cancellation System for Audio Communications Signals Transmitted from Within a Stationary Enclosure," Assigned to Panasonic Corp. (Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd., Osaka, JAPAN), January 25, 1994.

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